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Moisturizing Face Screen Light Tint

Moisturizing Face Screen Light Tint

After extensive research and trying out a few natural face sunscreens (that never really rubbed in well or were too oily), I decided to give this Face Screen a try. I was encouraged by all of the positive reviews I read on this site and wanted to see for myself. This product is THE BEST I've ever tried. It is smooth and has a soft finish and the light tint acts as a wonderful all over cover for everyday wear. I don't even wear foundation anymore (maybe concealer in places) because this has such a nice even coverage. I almost have to wonder if it's sunscreen with tint or if it's tinted moisturizer with SPF! Either way, it smells lovely, goes on nicely and blends in perfectly. This is really a superior product that is worth the expense. As another reader's worth it because a little goes a long way. I actually look forward to putting it on everyday because of the beneficial qualities and how nice it makes my skin look. Give this a won't be disappointed. For the record I have normal skin, sometimes dry in areas with occasional acne.

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One Response to “Wedding Makeup”

  • John Reynolds says:

    I have some minor redness and uneven tones, blackheads, and blemishes on my face...what is the best product or remedy that can alleviate this?

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