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Vera Bradley Tote Happy Snails

Vera Bradley Tote Happy Snails

I have sensitive, combination (oily/dry skin) which is hard to treat. I love these towelette's, they are quick and easy and they don't irritate my skin but are still able to clean it well and remove any oil or whatever got on my skin that day. You just have to watch and make sure you don't get the top of the pack wet since it's just a sticker between you and a dried out pack of towelette's. I had this happen once before and am a lot more careful now. What I choose to do to avoid this is place them in a empty Cottonelle Fresh Folded Moist Wipes Tub 42 dispenser to keep them from drying out and worrying about the sticker giving out. Otherwise a must have cleaning tool.

Update 3/14/13:
I found out something by accident, and liked it! When I ordered these it was in the middle of winter and in the low teens. The package wasn't brought in till late so it was frozen. After I let it thaw out I went ahead and used one anyways even though it was cold. It felt fantastic! I now keep these in the fridge all the time and use them at night.

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2 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Bernard Pate says:

    So I just bought a Vera Bradley tote to basically put my school stuff in.its the new happy snails pattern and I'm in love with it! I'm gonna be a sophomore this year but I'm not sure if Vera Bradley is still in still for high school lol cause like everywhere I go I see like elderly b*tches wearing the purse I just got and its annoying! So do you think it'll be cute? Oh and I'm not sure if I should bring it on the first day if school.I usually only bring a folder , and I don't wanna seem like in trying too hard to impress lol so tell me what you think:)

  • Evangeline Bauer says:

    im ordering some things from vera bradley tote in mocha rouge, wristlet in mediterraine white, lunch bag in night and day, and a lanyard in happy snails. this is my first time getting any of her stuff so im wondering how they hold up? do they tear quickly? ill be using them all on a daily basics for work so theyll be used frequently. also if anyone has the tote does it fit comfortably over your shoulder? and does it hold a lot of stuff?

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