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Great Brushes, Love the case

MASH Studio Makeup Cosmetic Leather

MASH Studio Makeup Cosmetic Leather

I have bought several sets of makeup brushes over the years from some of the most expensive to very inexpensive. I am very happy with this particular set of brushes. I am in a theatrical make up class on a nearby campus and these will be used for my professional career. I am very satisfied with the quality of the bristles and with the quantity of the set. I have shown several friends and have recommended the brush set to them. If I am looking for a gift to give a make-up "junkie", this is the set.

I was also very satisfied with the timely fashion in which they arrived. I ordered them on a Thursday and the following Wednesday they were delivered to my door, just in time for class on Thursday. At the time I ordered them, I wasa given until the first part of February to expect them...very plesantly surprised when they arrived in less than a week.

Thank you,

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  • Johnnie Garrison says:

    Im wondering where you can buy a e.l.f (eyeslipsface) girftcard. I know at fredmeyers there like a ton of giftcards but is there girftcards for online stores too. Can you please tell me if i can buy a elf giftcard at any store to be used on the elf website. Thank you! btw its for my daugher for christmas :) would rather not have to buy one online if possible.

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