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The Wardrobe Wakeup Looking Fabulous

The Wardrobe Wakeup Looking Fabulous

When I hear the name Leeza Gibbons I think of glamour. Not only in the people she interacts with but her own dynamic style.
In this book Take 2, Leeza is very candid about her life and her true self. This is more than your typical motivation book, it is one that comes from the heart. She takes it upon herself to share what works for her. She is not preachy and is quite the opposite very vulnerable about her short comings. However, she is in a place that allows her to feel comfortable in her own skin.
Gibbons opens up to the countless people in her life, from famous to not so famous. How she came from no where and was able to make it in her field of entertainment.
She also is very committed to her philanthropy that centers on caring for Alzheimer s, a disease that impacted her family, her mother and grandmother.
What I loved about this book is that it is full of morsels that you can use in dealing with your own daily obstacles.
After I read this book, I feel like I have a new friend and a can really focus on creating a happy ending and new beginning. Life is full of obstacles, why not focus on getting on a path of success.
I read the digital version but it is beautifully designed and at the end of the book has a 52 week action plan and full of inspirational quotes and valuable information.

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