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LA Colors Shadow Pencil Sharpener

LA Colors Shadow Pencil Sharpener

I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I have to be careful with the makeup remover wipes. They will work fine in removing eyemakeup but as far as foundation they usually break my face out. So..I'm taking huge risk in using these for a week. Here are my intial thoughts and after a week of using this product, I will return to give you the final verdict.

What I noticed right off is the smell, it is not a unpleasant smell at all, which is always a plus when using facial items. (I was get the feeling if the product stinks, my face will too)

They are durable little wipes! I wear a full face of makeup nearly everyday,I was able to remove all of it with one of the wipes back and front.

I don't like the way they made my face feel afterward, greasy like, but I washed with the Biore detox cleanser (I did a review on it as well) and everything was good.

verdict: I still like this product. It is an excellent makeup remover. I did have a slight breakout..if you want to call it that (one or two bumps) but I just stopped using it everyday. I use the cleanser both morning and night, and I use this only to remove my eye makeup and it gets the job done!

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7 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Gene Floyd says:

    I really like this pencils are soft easy to use
    beautiful colors and great quality too if you buy this
    for sure like and have great price too , come in perfect
    shape and on time

  • Salvador Conway says:

    I love all the color choices. I like that a sharpener was included in the set.
    This is a great product.

  • Gregory Herrera says:

  • Katrina Holt says:

    This is an awesome product. My only issue is that I received my sharpener cracked, but it's still usable. These are the best alternative to the NYX jumbo eye pencils, they work just as well. And yes, they can be sharpened with the sharpener that comes with it and any other eye pencil sharpener. You might want to wait until the exposed pencil is completely finished though. Overall, great product, glad I got them.

  • Carmela Mcguire says:

    At first i wasnt to shure if they were going to be good but they are! Theres so many colors to choose from and there all nice and its a cheaper alternative than the the NYX i Love this item!

  • Ivy Kim says:

    This product is definitely worth the money. They are not as long as I thought they would be but I can't compare them to the NYX jumbo pencils because I have never seen them in person. I thought they would be the same length as a regular eyeshadow pencil. But that doesn't matter since there are so many colors to choose from. They came 6 days earlier than expected.

  • Lynnette Leach says:

    I love LA colors brand. so smooth and easy to use. they dont have that old smell like others I had purchase.

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