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Ponds Cold Cream Cool Classic

Ponds Cold Cream Cool Classic

I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I have to be careful with the makeup remover wipes. They will work fine in removing eyemakeup but as far as foundation they usually break my face out. So..I'm taking huge risk in using these for a week. Here are my intial thoughts and after a week of using this product, I will return to give you the final verdict.

What I noticed right off is the smell, it is not a unpleasant smell at all, which is always a plus when using facial items. (I was get the feeling if the product stinks, my face will too)

They are durable little wipes! I wear a full face of makeup nearly everyday,I was able to remove all of it with one of the wipes back and front.

I don't like the way they made my face feel afterward, greasy like, but I washed with the Biore detox cleanser (I did a review on it as well) and everything was good.

verdict: I still like this product. It is an excellent makeup remover. I did have a slight breakout..if you want to call it that (one or two bumps) but I just stopped using it everyday. I use the cleanser both morning and night, and I use this only to remove my eye makeup and it gets the job done!

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6 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Dale Hensley says:

    I use tretinoin cream 0.1% and Clindamycin phosphate gel 1% prescribed by my dermatologist and they work pretty well on my acne so im just looking for something to clean my face preferablly something with little or no Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid because i heard its bad for sensitive skin I heard about stuff like Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne and Aveeno Foaming Cleanser Clear but not sure which to use ??

  • Jenny Hines says:

    i have blue wet n wild waterproof eyeliner. dont have any makup remover

  • Sheri Davidson says:

    Ok. So I got Pond's Cold Cream (the cool classic to be specific) because my mother suggested it when I asked about face cleansers. The bottle says to rub it on and then to wipe off with a warm rag. How long should I leave it on? I've read in many different places loads of different durations. Some people leave it on over night, while others says they wipe it right off. I even read that you should leave it on for only 20 minutes then wipe it off. How long should I leave the cold cream on?

  • Leann Frost says:

    Does it clog pores ? Thoroughly remove dirt, debris & makeup ? & could you give me q detailed description on how to apply it.

  • Krista Calhoun says:

    I wear foundation to work, and after work i just leave it on because i don't want to wash my face too much. I already wash it morning and night. I don't want to leave foundation on my face all day every day, except when i'm sleeping pretty much, that's awful. So, does anyone recommend any GOOD drugstore products to remove makeup? Nothing too harsh, my skin is sensitive and already really dry.

  • Sidney Allison says:

    It's not the cleanser I already have cetaphil for that but I got the cold cream as the lotion

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