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Complete Guide Special Effects Makeup

Complete Guide Special Effects Makeup

I own several books and DVD's on special effects make-up including both of the Grande Illusion books, Movie FX Magazine Master classes, books by Vincent Kehoe, Thurston James and more... and let me tell you this one book covers more ground then any of them. Everything from basic eyeliner and blush to full head latex appliances, costumes, props and metalwork. It has dozens of projects for you to follow along with to create some breathtaking effects.

Now that isn't to say that this is perfect, the first and most obvious problem isn't really any fault of the original authors - but the copy I got from amazon has several mistakes and printing errors. But even with these errors the book is still very easy to follow.

Other problems might be that some of the information might have gaps as suggested by another reviewer... it is hard for me to tell because I have studied this subject so much that I can fill in the blanks without really thinking.

If you are on the fence about buying this book don't be, it is in full color with amazing full page artwork of the finished designs and step by step photos of everything. This book even answered questions some "professionals" I asked could not! For the money this book is very, VERY hard to beat.

Now if only someone would put out a book this detailed about animatronics!

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5 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Isaac Kerr says:

    so i was wondering what kind of training/classes would you want to take to get into a special effects school, like do you need to take a cosmetics class? also what would you want to know, like what are the basics. what kind of make-up do you want to have? and also is there like an online course you could take that is free? or is there even a course? thanks, sorry for so many questions.

  • Maggie Riley says:

    Doing character's makeup, making masks, molds, and slime is a dream for me! However, I have no experience but my own Halloween makeup. Are there things I can do or be involved in over the summer or during the school year to help enhance my ambition?

  • Jorge Singleton says:

    Well I don't only write but im also an amateur film maker. I have never done any horror films but it is my dream to do that. I have never been good at horror makeup for like zombies and stuff so my question is does anybody know where to but horror makeup kits and tutorials for makeup? Links would be awesome :D

  • Larry Beach says:

    Im looking at making my friend go from young to old for a little project where working on im just wondering what type of make up i can use to do so and what steps i would need to take to use it?

  • Dean Nielsen says:

    Ive been doing horror movie make up for awhile now (cuts, scratchs, gunshot wounds, etc) i get really creative with this stuff and really enjoy doing it. I even wear it to school! I would just like ideas on how i can become a movie makeup artist in general. I dont always just do the creepy stuff. Any ideas?

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