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Neutrogena Healthy Enhancer Light Neutral

Neutrogena Healthy Enhancer Light Neutral

I'm a guy who's pretty interested in skin care. I was looking for a way to even out my skin tone, moisturize and get spf without piling on products or worrying about pore clogging/shine. This product is my lifesaver. I've been using this for almost two weeks and not a single person has asked me if I'm wearing makeup. It goes on light and has a mostly matte finish; you won't look like you put baby powder on your face. The scent is extremely light; I despise sunscreen smells and this was easily tolerable. If you're worried about getting shiny later on, just get a loose powder and you're shine free/natural looking for hours on end. I even pat a very small amount on my eye area since I don't usually wear sunglasses. It's very gentle on my sensitive skin and I haven't broken out from it. I think it's actually improving my skin slowly.

Two important things though. First: Less is more. Apply only what you need to get an even coat. Apply a little more if the first time wasn't enough. Second: Avoid getting your face wet; this product is not waterproof and will get a little runny if you are sweating excessively down your face or if you get splashed with water. I turned into a sopping wet tree branch on a rainy day and went inside to see the product running down a bit. These are negligible flaws and have no bearing on the fact that it's top notch for simple skin care. Plus, it's very affordable. I can tell this bottle will last me a while.

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4 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Lenora Underwood says:

    I take acne medication and it really helps but makes my skin dry and flaky. I need soemthing that covers well and feels light. It needs to last all day. SOemthing that can be found at a drug store? THX!

  • Morris Pate says:

    I just want to know anyone's preference on any makeup, preferably cheap and easy to get if you don't live in a huge city. I have blue eyes, a light skin tone, and some freckles if that helps. What foundations do you recommend for a natural look? What liquid and pencil eyeliners? What lipgloss? Mascara? Eyeshadow for blue eyes? Primers? All that good stuff:) thanks :D

  • Don Dale says:

    I have recently started socialising and going out a lot more and have realised that my make-up bag is quite empty. The contents have dwindled down to eyeliner, mascara and concealer. What make-up (including brands if there are any that anyone can recommend) should i have in my make-up for every day, and what for special occasions and nights out? Most of my friends wear foundation and powder on top, with some eye makeup.

  • Eric Powell says:


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