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Great gift for my 3 teen daughters, and an appreciative Dad

How Look Expensive Gorgeous Breaking

How Look Expensive Gorgeous Breaking

I've read through the hardcover of this amazing book so many times that the top is feathered with little strips of paper marking all the pages I need to go back to; then I decided I had to have it on my iPad so I would have it handy at Sephora or the hair salon! The great photographs and drawings help make the author's point that you can look expensive for a lot less than you think. But the book delivers even more than the title suggests. Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, according to the "About the Author" section, has been a beauty expert at Glamour magazine long enough to have figured out what is worth spending money on and, more importantly, what isn't! It's as if the most stylish girlfriend you could imagine decided to dish all her secrets. I'm sure it will save me money in the long run, but I must say I feel inspired to run out and buy a few of the products she mentions, especially those in the "Save" (rather than "Splurge") column. The idea of dividing up each section into four different variations of "expensive" style: "Park Avenue Pretty," "Hollywood Boho," Glam Globe-Trotter," and "Modern Movie Star" (hey, we can all dream) makes the book extra fun, but the advice on getting your money's worth in haircuts and color, skin care, makeup, grooming, and fashion is completely down to earth. I don't know how I ever did without this book and have already bought copies for my teenage niece and my favorite aunt!

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6 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Kelli Cox says:

    What age would you consider appropriate for kissing/and or dating?

  • Bernadette Parks says:

    I really need a costume for halloween! I love the style of victorian bustle dresses but they are soooooo expensive!! D: can someone please help? I want to enjoy a good quality victorian dress but don't want to break the bank!

  • Ernest Stein says:

    I am interested in learning to play the guitar, and would like to know what are some good models/brands I should look for. I am on a budget, so I want something relatively affordable without skimping on quality. What are some suggestions?

  • Mildred Castillo says:

    Please let me know the country and the city too. Hope i'll get something good to read.

  • Dwight Pope says:

    Ok Im getting married in three months and I am having trouble trying to come up with ideas for centerpieces. My colors are black, white and red as my accent color. I will have 12 round tables. Im using black linens with damask table runners. I would like to use red roses for the centerpieces, but it can be expensive. Also, I need ideas of how to decorate the head table. If anybody has any pictures that i can look at, it will be appreciated.

  • Duane Talley says:

    The shop-bought ones are too expensive, we want a trifle for Christmas but we've never made one before. I don't want to use a packet mix, want to do it properly but something simple please! And not too much alcohol, it's for pregnant woman and kids!

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