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ecoTOOLS Make Up Kabuki Brush Set

ecoTOOLS Make Up Kabuki Brush Set

I thought that the product wouldn't be as good because it is not sold in drugstores. However it is fairly decent as brushes. I would like to say I use and own a good sum of makeup. I own some brushes and decided to try these out. I like the brushes they are great to use to put makeup on. The kabuki is good for putting blush or bronzer. The angled blush brush is not only good for blush and bronzer but foundation as well. The concealer brush is good to use as a foundation brush since it is dense. The contour brush is good for adding highlight. These brushes are multifunctional so it is an added benefit. Sure the quality cannot be compared to Sephora or the higher brands. However, for the price it is really decent. Recommended for people who don't mind how small it is and looking for decent and pretty cheap brushes.

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7 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Dale Reeves says:

    I've heard people say that Walmat now sells the 5 piece ecotools brush set (the one with the blush, concealer, eye shading, eye liner and lash and brow groomer) but i could only find the individual brushes when i went. Also, does anyone know where I could find the 4 piece set (with the mineral powder brush, concealer, baby kabuki, and eye shading brush?) I haven't heard anyone disclose where we can find it in Toronto. Thanks!

  • Deann Todd says:

    The Bare Escentuals kabuki brush leaves bristles all over my face and it drives me nuts. I can't order any brushes online right now so I need suggestions for quality brushes I can buy from Walmart, drug stores, etc. TIA!

  • Megan Hutchinson says:

    sephora woman told me i need some mineral crushing brush, but i am not sure if my estee lauder brush is one of those? help?

  • Coleen Morse says:

    I need foundation stipple kabuki/powder concealer eyes and I cannot afford mac I did not like elf please help ten points!

  • Guy Gilmore says:

    I really want the EcoTools retractable kabuki, foundation brush, 6 piece eye brush set and 6 piece normal brush set. Which one should I buy first? Which one do you like best, which brushes are most important to have? Thanks. :)

  • Clyde Mercado says:

    I'm a beginner in makeup, and am looking into getting a brush set. I went on Amazon and they have brush sets ranging from 10 brushes to 34! How many do I need? I know the basics, like foundation, concealer, blush, lip, etc, but eye brushes confuse me. If you could list all the brushes I need and describe what each is used for and what it looks like, that would be AMAZING. Thanks!

  • Therese Finch says:

    I dont like e.l.f or mac please help me...thanks!

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