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Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Awaphuhi

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Awaphuhi

This is by far the best face wash I have ever had. Although I have to admit that I am generally not a big fan of the smell of tee trea oil and this basically smells like nothing but tea tree oil. BUT it works wonders on my skin and I will have to give it lots of credit for that.
I haven't had any skin problems, pimples, blemishes or anything else of that sort since I started using this product and that has been for well over a year now.
People even give me compliments for my fantastic skin now. I love it.

PRO's: works wonders, cleans amazingly, 100% better than all those harsh chemicals they "throw after you" at drugstores ....

CON's: smells horrible (my personal opinion since I dislike tea tree oil), burns like fire if you get it in your eyes, it's very runny which takes some getting used to, also some people might find it disturbing that this product doesn't lather much (however that doesn't mean it doesn't clean your skin)

Either way in my case the CON's don't really matter as I am thrilled to have finally found a face wash that doesn't make me break out or have me scratch my skin off.

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  • Karen Bradshaw says:

    I have mild severe acne and I looked up good toners and face washes for sensitive acne prone skin. I found this Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner that got really good reviews and Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil and Awaphuhi that also got good reviews. Im thinking about using this as an everyday routine but i was wanting to know if this would be too harsh because i have combo skin and its mildy sensitive. Thanks Bunches and I will definitely choose the best answer ;]

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