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US Acrylic LLC 5910 Organizer

US Acrylic LLC 5910 Organizer

Hello, '''

I have used another cleansing product that I was satisfied with. I have been aware of BB products for some time and I was interested in trying this cleanser. I waited for my old cleanser to run out before I tried this one.

The order process was simple and I was happy to pay the price. Shipping was hassle free. It arrived at a reasonable time and well before the estimated shipping date. I really appreciate the personal post-it note along with the the product.

I have had the chance to use the product for a week now and truly enjoy the simplicity of the product. 1 pump is really all you need and it foams instantly while you massage your face. My face feels clean and soft after using it. With my older product, I had to wash my face morning and night. I don't particularly wear make up, so with this product I wash my face before bed and rinse with cool water in the morning, then add my moisturizer.

I like to have a clean face, and I ponder at the fact that some people have a ritualistic regimen that takes more than 8 minutes. I think this is too much time to spend on your face, unless your going out for the evening, but this product works for me, and my simple approach to clean face.

Thank you!

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9 Responses to “Wedding Makeup”

  • Javier Best says:

    I have a very big bathroom, and my cosmetics were scattered all over.
    Love this cosmetic organizer. Looks really nice and holds lots of everyday use cosmetics. Will recommend it anytime.

  • Steve Bryan says:

  • Autumn Mcclure says:

    I received this organizer very quickly and it is very helpful and easy to see what I have. It is made of sturdy plastic and is fun to open the drawer and see everything right at my fingertips and so organized!!! It is something I have wanted to find for a long time. Well worth the money!!

  • Alana Brooks says:

    This organizer is large enough to hold a lot of cosmetics , it really looks great , too ! I was very happy with the organizer .

  • Brandi Hunt says:

    Really happy with the product. good price, nice size, holds a lot of cosmetics yet fits on small table.

  • Russell Norton says:

    Finally, an organizer that fits all my cosmetics. I've tried so many configurations and this one seems to work best. Great price and looks pretty good too. Most of the divided places are large enough to fit a few items and the back can fit all my brushes. I'd recommend this.

  • Dolores Kirkland says:

    This is the handiest container I have ever used for my makeup. There are deep spaces for long brushes, eye and lip liners, etc. and shallower spaces for lipsticks, short brushes and make up bottles. This will hold all of your makeup products as I have all my eyshadows, blushes, lip glosses and makeup and face creams in one place. It is easy to cart around from one bathroom to another and keeps the makeup all in one place so you are not always looking around for something. For me it has solved my storage problem nicely.

  • Leo Moreno says:

    I love this holder. It doesn't fit all my cosmetics but everything that does fit in it looks so neat. I use it for powders, q-tips, and lipsticks.

  • Marvin Moody says:

    My bathroom looked like crap before. .makeup everywhere, messy drawers, losing track of my stuff. I buy this thing and BAM! Everything is organized and elegant looking. Looks like a damn professional makeup studio on there now! The containers are the perfect height for my makeup -- I have a lot of "short" makeup I guess. The tallest thing I have is a blush brush that fits easily in the middle with the rest of the brushes.

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